So purpose. What is ours? Why do we need one so badly? Is it purely self righteous to think we have a greater meaning as an individual? A good friend recently asked that impossible question “what’s the point in life?” Truth is that’s not a question I’m particularly comfortable with, mainly due to the fact […]

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The legend of ‘Matagonia’

If a picture paints a thousand words a t-shirt tells a thousand stories. My shirt has been across the world, faced fears, accomplished goals & seen some hard times too. When you buy a shirt you look for style, durability & purpose. They allow you to express yourself. I remember buying this shirt to hang […]

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Becoming Organic at Mohala.

6 weeks on this farm was not enough & to fit all the stories into this blog would make it a book, so ill try my best to keep it short, just some highlights, but know that everyday I had stories. The farm focuses on healthy local communities through sustainable agriculture & local self-sufficiency. Its […]

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