So purpose. What is ours? Why do we need one so badly? Is it purely self righteous to think we have a greater meaning as an individual? A good friend recently asked that impossible question “what’s the point in life?” Truth is that’s not a question I’m particularly comfortable with, mainly due to the fact […]

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Breakout-Breakdown-Break Free.

Breakout After I came back from Bali in May 2017 I felt something changing inside of me. I was infected with that “travel- bacteria” and I wanted more.  I saw a world so different from what I knew and I completely fell in love. So I started planning everything, quit my job and packed. One […]

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A Week In Kauai & Finding Truth.

The Hawaii islands seem to have different characters. Oahu is like the arrogant older brother who likes to show off, where Kauai is the quiet, spiritual guy in the corner. When you arrive you get a feeling you’ve landed somewhere ancient with stories to tell. I mean 70% of the island is inaccessible by foot, […]

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