Donations & Support

Alps To Ocean Donation.

In 2018 founder Dan was at the beach one day when he was shocked by the amount of plastic he found on the beach in Barcelona, Spain and in that moment decided enough was enough, the planet needs a clean up. The movement Pure Clean Earth was created and beach clean up events kicked off very fast and within a few months there were already 40 people attending the weekly gatherings and around 700kg had been removed. From the awareness and attention raised from the clean ups they realised that cleaning was not the solution on it’s own, and so the movement began educational talks, partnerships with businesses, art projects and more. 7 months passed and the total removed from nature is over 3200kg, hundreds of children being reached within schools, and the fun events are uniting people from all over the world together. Pure Clean Earth sends a huge thank you to everybody involved in the events, to those who spread the message and support the cause in any way possible, and finally a huge thank you to everyone at the amazing ‘Gone For Milk’ community, the awareness being raised by everyone on the team and those who share the passion is incredible.
In order to to prevent the escalating destruction of the natural environment, united action is needed.
We decided to donate to Pure Clean Earth as we had followed them on their journey from the very beginning. They started out around a similar time to us. Having seen their efforts we knew we had to show them how much we as a community appreciate their movement.
Pure Clean Earth & the #TrashTribe

Our First Donation.

Our first donation from the GFM community. We chose to make our first donation to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. Selling merchandise for plastic free ocean organisations is clearly a positive movement. But GFM needed to choose an organisation to support so why Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii?

In October 2017 GFM creator Matt spent 3 months on the islands of Hawaii. Seeing the incredible effort that local organisations were making towards plastic free coastlines actually sparked the movement of GFM. If it wasn’t for these guys GFM wouldn’t exist & others we have educated through our movement wouldn’t be aware of such an issue. So Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii has begun an incredible chain of awareness from the middle of the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Swiss Alps. To us that deserves a donation at least. All profits made from the ‘Explore Deeper’ socks were donated to these guys. So from the Gone For Milk team & community thanks for waking us up!

Thanks Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.