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If you have decided to travel throughout your life we are looking forward to hearing your inspiring story, please join us & get involved. Why did decide to travel? How did you begin? We’ve found that most of these stories are unique & interesting, we’ve discovered that sometime it takes big life changing moments to leave home.

To be featured on our GFM Stories blog page contact us with your story & contact details using the contact form at the bottom of this page, we will reply as soon as possible.

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GFM Sticker

Gone for milk hand drawn stickers are a movement for backpackers & travellers. The idea is to get out there adventuring further & exploring deeper. Moving away from the beaten path to enjoy the smaller spots we often miss out on. These spots are the best around, the ones special to us,Β the ones which make travelling interesting, fulfilling & ultimately life changing.

If you are interested in a free sticker contact us with an address (global). All we ask in return is that you send us an image of your chosen spot, to be featured on our social media & website. We would love to reach as far as possible, so far we have reached…

…Australia, Bali, USA, England, Germany, Finland, Hawaii, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand.