News from Coop & Migros.

Recently an active member of our community reached out to Coop & Migros Switzerland to gain a better understanding of their efforts in sustainability. The reply emails were forwarded to us. We believe that the answers given are worth publishing online to educate those who are interested & make people who are concerned aware of […]

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Breakout-Breakdown-Break Free.

Breakout After I came back from Bali in May 2017 I felt something changing inside of me. I was infected with that “travel- bacteria” and I wanted more.  I saw a world so different from what I knew and I completely fell in love. So I started planning everything, quit my job and packed. One […]

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Only 4 Months.

Yo! Im Tremaine, friends call me Tray. My story is like many others…in a job I felt unappreciated in, under valued, under paid & a little trapped.

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