Big Wednesdays in La Union.

My birthday was coming up & I had heard the swell back in La Union was cranking, so i took yet another freezing 10 hour bus ride back to The Circle Hostel. Arriving back in La Union made me feel slightly at home again. I walked through the hostel gates to see some familiar faces, […]

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The legend of ‘Matagonia’

If a picture paints a thousand words a t-shirt tells a thousand stories. My shirt has been across the world, faced fears, accomplished goals & seen some hard times too. When you buy a shirt you look for style, durability & purpose. They allow you to express yourself. I remember buying this shirt to hang […]

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Becoming Organic at Mohala.

6 weeks on this farm was not enough & to fit all the stories into this blog would make it a book, so ill try my best to keep it short, just some highlights, but know that everyday I had stories. The farm focuses on healthy local communities through sustainable agriculture & local self-sufficiency. Its […]

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A Week In Kauai & Finding Truth.

The Hawaii islands seem to have different characters. Oahu is like the arrogant older brother who likes to show off, where Kauai is the quiet, spiritual guy in the corner. When you arrive you get a feeling you’ve landed somewhere ancient with stories to tell. I mean 70% of the island is inaccessible by foot, […]

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