About Us

Im Matt or ‘Gone’ to those online. Im a pretty simple dude, I love the ocean, the mountains & adventures.

I grew up on a farm in England, I had never imagined travelling or living in another country. I’ve been ‘Gone’ from home since 2016, in this time I’ve visited a bunch of places around the world from Europe & Africa to Asia & America.Β I’m the kind of traveller who turns up to these places without a plan or even an any idea about the currency, for me this just adds to the adventure.

Gone For Milk was an idea born in the Swiss Alps, first drawn onto a coffee cup. It really began whilst backpacking. I realised I was taking so much for granted & grew tired of just talking about issues we face together. I decided to be active towards positive change & try to educate & bring others on this journey with me.

So What is Gone For Milk?Β 

Gone For Milk is a community of people wanting to make a positive change to the environment. We sell products & donate large percentages to causes we truly believe in.

We believe in supporting everyone as long as their vision is positive.

Our social media is littered with people sharing their adventures, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Our blogs are written to motivate aspiring travellers.

Whilst our clothing is designed to be with you every step, leap, ride & fall you take on your journey. But also to remind you of past adventures & the donations you made towards a more positive world.

Why support us?Β 

Gone For Milk was built out of passion. We only donate to causes we are educated on or have been a part of. But we aren’t just another ‘save the world project’. You guys are the reason this is working out, without you as the community, Gone For Milk wouldn’t exist. You make it all worthwhile & having a positive supporting ‘family’ to turn to is what is important to us.

By supporting us your spreading the word of the ‘Gone.’ community & becoming part of it yourself. Your donation means the world to us. But our community means just as much.

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