About Us

Im Matt. Im pretty simple, I like the ocean, the mountains & adventures. Growing up on a farm in England I had never imagined I would travel. Having been ‘gone’ from home since 2016, I’ve visited a bunch of places around the world from Europe & Africa to Asia & America. I’m the kind of traveller who turns up to these places without a plan or even an any idea about the currency, for me this just adds to the adventure. Finding things out along the way helps me to discover more. Gone For Milk  was an idea born in the Swiss Alps, it started to grow whilst backpacking. I realised i was taking so much for granted & was tired of just talking about the issues we face together in this world, so I decided to be active & created this! I mean liking a photo on facebook or Instagram isn’t going to rewind the damage already caused.

So What is Gone For Milk? 

W are a platform to give something back to the travelling community, inspire fellow travellers or those looking to do the same. We believe in making small positive changes to create a better environment for all across the beautiful planet we call home.. 

Why support us? 

By following GFM & becoming part of our community you are supporting positive change for the environment. We will give inspiration for you to travel, or help you to follow in our footsteps, creating a lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of. Our merchandise is made for adventure, or to remind you of past adventures.

By being on this website we already consider you part of us, just take that extra step & make a positive change today!

To read more about the projects myself & others have helped out on & for some inspiration for adventures, go to the blog page.