So purpose. What is ours? Why do we need one so badly? Is it purely self righteous to think we have a greater meaning as an individual?

A good friend recently asked that impossible question “what’s the point in life?” Truth is that’s not a question I’m particularly comfortable with, mainly due to the fact I have no idea. This realisation is something I was content with, Im happy to not understand everything & chalk a lot of things up to pure beauty of life.

I have however begun to assess my own situation. This began whilst I was sat in a hammock on Sri Lanka’s south coast, looking distantly across the surf. It had been 3 months since I’d left the comfort of the Alps, travelling across the world obsessively hunting for surf, almost tunnel visioned & drunk with passion. But to look back I wondered what had I learnt, given or taught.

Im aware that travelling is a pretty selfish activity & all be it quite glutenous. I mean we are exploring culture & nature but we are essentially just taking, looking but rarely seeing. Now Im a strong believer that when visiting a place you should leave them as found if not better. In the realisation that I had been on a trip to just better my surfing I began to become almost disgusted with myself.

With all the money I have why wasn’t I using it to spread knowledge, help, or provide. Surely there’s a better way to spend this money we all have when travelling.

After a good couple weeks of mind twisting thoughts, I finally woke up to the idea that all of this is still possible for me to achieve & the fact Id spent 3 months following my passion was nothing to be ashamed of, sometimes its ok to be selfish, sometimes. I mean imagine just giving your entire life, at some point this would beat you down. Im merely in my 20’s, if theres an age to be a little selfish it’s now.

Purpose though can be a lifetime achievement to some & having spoken to many people on my adventures, some of which are wildly inspiring, I realise that these people rarely seem to live in their thoughts. They belong to the present & although they have plans ahead they always seem to be awake in every moment. This I decided is how I want to live, with my purpose to be present in every single moment & not try so hard to ‘save the world’. Instead find balance & peace, learning myself & influencing others for the better. You know spread positivity & connect to people on a greater level, share a smile in the face of anger to lighten the day.

So yeah we’ve all got purpose, we’ve all got point. We just have to learn to work that purpose & mostly forget all the pressure we’ve built around this. Life is wonderfully chaotic & unless we find a balance between caring for ourselves & all others its impossible see the light of our purpose.

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(I wrote this because my realisation was sparked by a person I met on my travels, if she reads this she’ll know who she is. Thankyou!)


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