Gone. in Costa Rica – Dominical.

Like De-Ja-Vu I was leaving the mountains for the ocean again. I left early to head down the pacific coast, this time in the direction of the Osa Peninsula. Theres was no way of taking a shuttle door to door so I took one as far as possible to Playa Hermosa, from here I hopped on the local bus, which are super easy, down to Dominical.

Sustainability on the Osa Peninsula.

On the travel down I could tell it was going to be my kind of place. Passing giant fields of palms & small native towns we headed deeper down the coast. A pretty easy bus journey late we turned into Dominical. A dusty, somewhat under developed town (compared to most) with an incredible coastline. But also eco-conscious. The Costa Rican government enforces large steps to ensure sustainability all over, however the Osa Peninsula & Dominical runs all guided tours, activities & accomadations on low-impact to their environment. Its a pretty awesome place, especially when you have access to such biodiversity & in some cases wilderness. These practices are visible from the moment your arrive, reforestation along the coastline & I watched as a policeman told people to leave the beach with their plastic containers. Pretty inspiring to more well off areas of the globe.


Anyhow I showed up at ‘Cool Vibes Beach Hostel‘ which is pretty big, clean all you really look for. I got to mention that the kitchen is probably the best I’ve seen in any hostel though. I headed down to the beach for the typically ‘I just arrived lets watch sunset’ & inspiration of course. It was beautiful & the surf looked inviting but I was a little late. I made the decision to wake up early he following day, I had heard of a waterfall nearby which sounded like something I had to see.

TIP: When visiting waterfalls always be the first or last one there.

5.30am I was ready, grabbed that all important coffee & headed to the local bus stop. Nauyaca Falls was ahead. The bus was at 6am & took 30 minutes to the park entrance. Super easy ride then just hang out & wait till 7 for the office to open up. Once the entree fee is paid you can hike in. Its around 5km one way but a special hike, not too taxing either. The wildlife on the hike is what makes it though, Toucans in the canopy, monkeys playing on the path & noises you can only imagine from a rainforest.

I hiked a quite a pace leaving everyone behind I wanted to take this in for myself & enjoy the humbling power of the waterfall, alone. It splits into 2 the upper & lower falls. After dodging a snake along a thin path I creeped around a corner to find the upper falls. The mist from the falls was refreshing in the morning & the noise blocked out any troubles. As if this wasn’t enough I began running, or slipping, down the trail to the lower & much more powerful falls. Like an excited child I threw my clothes down, pulled my kicks off & began clambering through the river, over the boulders & broken trees to reach the view i had been longing for. It looked like a scene from Tarzan or Jumanji, the burnt orange rocks next to dense forests was breathe taking with the sun beaming through the mist.

If your in the area this is somewhere I truly recommend. After sitting admiring for 30 mins I felt grounded again. Another experience where getting out there, getting lost, rewards you more than any materialistic items can.

Dominical & Uvita.

The ‘town’ nearby to Domical is Uvita. Its best known for its beach shaped like a whales tail-fin (Fluke) shaped beach known as Playa Bahia. Its a sand spit which stretches into the sea. In this bay the surfing tends to be softer than Domicals beach break, so head over if Domical is too big. Still this town isn’t much bigger but is definitely more tourist-friendly. Here you can find a tonne of activities from excursions or whale watching tours. As well as parties if you’re looking for this.

Uvita is also known for it hippie culture, hosting a pretty famous festival called Envision every year, I’ve not been but have heard many great stories. It takes place at the end of Feb as a heads up.

After a couple of days of washed out surf rolling on the shores I was craving to get back on a board. Where next? the surf reports for Santa Teresa looked so hopeful, but Costa Rica has so much more to offer like the Caribbean coastline.

I had to really ask myself why was I in Costa Rica? What was the purpose of visiting the Pacific coastline? Why had I travelled across the world?

“Easy lifestyle & continuous surf”…

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  1. What an amazing way to be living Matt. Lots of love to you. Have a brilliant Christmas,I’m sure you will living your dream life. Xx😘💞Gt Auntie Heather. Xxx

  2. The waterfall looks fab Matt. You must have really enjoyed it on your own before the crowds got there. Love reading your blogs. Keep safe. Lots of love 💕 xx

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