Gone. in Costa Rica – Monteverde.

500 Bananas a Day & Porcupines in Tree’s?

Santa Teresa had a minor hold on me, the surf, the easiness, the scruffiness. This is how I knew it was time for me to go explore the rainforests & some other spots in Costa Rica. The stories of the wildlife in the rainforests alone meant i needed to see for myself.

The ride over to the mountains is easy, the usual rustic road ways, then the climb into the mountains begins. The views on a good day are long & pretty special. I made it to the Hammock House Hostel. Small but homely & cosy. Also i’ve got to say Edwin, the guy running the hostel, was a super nice dude, he really couldn’t do enough to help out.

Biodiversity in the Costa Rican Rainforests.

Throwing the bag, I strapped my trainers on & walked to the Bat Jungle. The walk to this end of Monteverde is pretty, the bat jungle is super small though, its basically a room with some rescued or injured bats to view. I wouldn’t go again (you guys like honesty right?) The guys working here are really knowledgable however & I have to say I learnt a little, like, if I was a bat of my size I would need to 500 bananas a day…500!


After some food I headed out on the night walk, which I would seriously recommend to anybody going this way. You’ll see up close some pretty insane creatures & the noises of the forests at night is something to appreciate in itself. Your guided in groups which feels like a school trip but this is worth your time as the guides know exactly where to look for these animals as well as incredible knowledge which rivals Sir Attenborough. Whilst you’re in Costa Rican the dream is to see a 2 toad sloth, which doesn’t happen for everybody. Although proudly we were lucky enough for an encounter, it was a way off in the trees but we had a clear view. Another interesting & worrying fact, porcupines live in the trees in Costa Rica, which blew my mind a little. Along with some brightly coloured frogs I loved this trip.

Zip-lines & Cloud Forests.

2 hours later i was back in the hostel, ready to crash! Ready for a zip-line adventure the next day. The zip lining is real cool actually, just purely for the views alone. Theres a bunch of different zip lines to fly around on, including, superman style zip lines, buggies to take you back to the top & to end you get to drop from suspended platform on a rope swing. Definitely worth a trip here it only takes a morning to finish so you’ve still got time to go explore something else.

My something else to explore was the Santa Elena Cloud Forest. Not as popular as the Monteverde forest but in my head that means more space, more time alone in the forest to really absorb all its wonders. Its a pretty special place once you get off the pathway & into the mud. Creepy to start with, but settle in & breathe. The noises, the movement of the trees, the damp smell of the plants all adds to a real calming experience.

I had only set out to do one trail but the adventurer in me wanted more. I ended up covering the whole park in 2.5 hours in the pouring rain & only a t-shirt & shorts. Unprepared as always but it was fine, I mean people really do dress like they’re about to summit Everest. I was in the rain forest of costa rica, one of the most bio-diverse on the planet, I couldn’t care less about being soaked. Theres a tower to climb in the middle of the park to get a ‘great view’ of the area but do remember…This is called a Cloud Forest. I smiled at other tourists taking landscape photos of nothing but cloud.

I chose Santa Elena’s Cloud Forest Reserve also due to the fact its not a national park but a community administrated reserve. This means that people from this area chose to protect & preserve this area. This is an awesome example of what a community can achieve together. The money you pay to enter the park is used towards providing a better quality education to the local schools. This was all the reasons i needed to chose this Reserve.

I soon came to realise that I wanted the Ocean again, something I knew would happen. So with the help of Edwin (super nice dude from earlier) I hopped on the next shuttle out of the mountains & back to the coast, a different spot this time. More nature, less people, 2 buses away sits Dominical. Time to keep going…

Gone. food choices in Monteverde:

Soda ‘La Salvadita’: Im writing this post Costa Rica trip & I have to officially say this was the best Cosado (typical plate) I ate all trip. This is almost definitely down to these guys only using organic food, grown by themselves. They also don’t use any sugar or sell any sugary products or beer. Super nice to see these guys pushing this message in the mountains.





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  1. Un día, este mundo de bellas personas apasionadas obtendrá el amor que merecen … gracia amor. gone.

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