Gone. in Costa Rica – Tamarindo.

Im Gone. Again. It’s been 9 months in the alps this time around, the longest yet. It was time to escape the enclosed valleys, time to search for my ‘green light’ (something ill explain sometime maybe). 35 hours after stepping foot on a plane I arrived in Liberia, an hour after this I managed to finally breathe Ocean air again in Tamarindo on the west coast of Costa Rica. My hunger for surfing was the strongest it has ever been. Seeing the endless amount of surf shops seemed a promising start. I found a hostel called Coral Reef to stay, real inconspicuous, no glamour hostel. Just right for my scruffiness.

Before anything else I rushed down to check out the surf breaks close by, Tamarindo Beach & Playa Longosta. After a few hours pacing along the beach I new Tamarindo Beach was too small & Playa Longosta was too far to walk with a board, or was it?

Tamarindo Beach at low tide.

Over a beer, rice & beans I decided after all this time it was never going to be too far, 30 minutes to the break by foot would be totally worth the distance if the waves were good. Apparently Costa Rica takes halloween pretty seriously & this was the 31st October. Crowds of people swarmed the streets in costume but I was tired & just wanted to be ready for a surf. The morning arrived, 5am the time I had been waiting 9 months for. I threw my board shorts on, grabbed my board & began the hike, hoping for no crowds, hoping for a smooth right.

I was there, alone! Warm water, sunrising, It was time.

Sunset at Playa Longosta.

The same day I decided to go for a short hike up to a viewpoint above Tamarindo, take a left on the driveway next to the Best Western & 20 minutes later you’ll have a panoramic view of the entire bay all the way over to Playa Longosta.

I knew it was time to leave Tamarindo it just wasn’t the place for me to be calm & settle. I booked a shuttle online using Tropical Tours, they’ll grab you from your door & drop you at the next. $50 & the next morning i was out of there ready to see Santa Teresa, hoping for a more rugged town, more access to waves & to find what I had been waiting for. 5 hours of bus later I arrived in Santa teresa.

(It is possible to take tours anywhere in Costa Rica from Tamarindo. My preference is i would like to visit places closer & do the activities as oppose to paying expensive prices as the travel is included in the price.)

Gone. food choices in Tamarindo:

There’s a tonne of places to grab food in this town but I always hunt down local eats or something refreshing & full of vitamins.

Aloha Poke: Found in the food market 50m from the min road near ‘Patagonia grill’. Here you can grab fresh caught poke bowls, not so expensive either, with a large choice of fish & extras. Also the food market has a bunch of other delicacies available.

La Oveja Negra: A ‘mexican’ bar which sells a huge variety of Central American foods along wit the locals favourite Cosado. It is just off the main crossroads, has a great atmosphere to relax & breathe easy, the staff are real easy & are happy to chat, just put some effort in with the Spanish


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