The legend of ‘Matagonia’

If a picture paints a thousand words a t-shirt tells a thousand stories. My shirt has been across the world, faced fears, accomplished goals & seen some hard times too. When you buy a shirt you look for style, durability & purpose. They allow you to express yourself.

I remember buying this shirt to hang out in & for comfort. This was in the May 2015. 3 wild years have passed & the shirt still follows me everywhere I go. I’ve changed heaps but the shirt is more or less the same, all be it a few worn marks & holes but I still wear it with pride. I’ve lost about 15kg since my weight lifting days & so the shirt now drapes over me but somehow this has now become my expression, my new style that i like to call scruffy charm. Although some may argue its more scruffy & not at all charming. I love the shirt even more now.

Ubud Rice Terraces

I used to wear it to festivals, to hang with friends & even to workout in. Now I wear the shirt when bombing hills on my board or sliding down mountains on ski’s in the Swiss Alps, travelling to islands around the world, adventuring. Every small tear has a story. It was clean white & now its a dirty off-white. The back left is tattered but reminds me of some heavy crashes when learning to skate downhill. The bottom is roughly worn as a sign of the miles we’ve hiked together. Theres a light pink stain from the time we rebrand it as ‘Matagonia’, It was a passing comment a friend once made in reference to the fact I would always be wearing it. The dirt stains are badges of honour from sleeping on beaches, working on  farms & even being used as a towel when losing them on my travels. It has paint spots from times I renovated my family outhouse for a florist’s start-up called Scent & Foliage & grass stains from my times working as a gardener in Switzerland. As Ive grown as a person & physically gotten smaller the shirt has followed me reminding me of the person i was & the adventures that make me who i am.

Question is…has the t-shirt become me or have I become the t-shirt?

Kandersteg Via Ferrata

Anyway this is a shameless plug but honestly I love the Patagonia brand & everything they’re doing across the world with various projects & communities, they’re a real inspiration to others trying to do the same & have made a big impact on my thoughts as Gone For Milk. I follow their movements all the time & often will sign their petitions online as long as its something I believe in.

I’ll continue to wear the ‘Matagonia’ shirt until it falls off my back at which point ill be making something useful from it or keep it as a memento to my recent past. It is fair to say this has been one of the few items I’ve kept throughout the best years of my life, its been a real companion in some ways. To read more about my story check out the GFM Blog & for inspiration the GFM Stories.

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