Gone For Milk…My Story

I always remembered as a teen me & my friends would joke around saying “one day I’m going to go for milk & just keep going”. In my early twenties this statement slowly became an excuse to travel.

I mean so many people get caught up  existing in a pay cheque to pay cheque life believing that this is all. That travel is far out of our reach & dreams are things which happen when we sleep. Many of us are not living, discovering & learning across the world. This is our home right? I believe that the smallest excuse can be the best push to start a journey such as travel.

The Gone for milk story began in England. A dead-end job with long hours, tough conditions & a break up, the classic ‘I’ve hit rock bottom’ story. This meant I was down & heading for a life filled with little accomplishments. A bunch of important people in my life could see I was broken & told me it was time for a change. An opportunity came up to move to Switzerland, I was anxious, however I knew this was something I had been blessed with. So I left my job bought a backpack & a plane ticket. Since that decision things blossomed, I had a  mental list of places I had always wanted to see & bucket lists for all these places. I have since fulfilled all my wishes & accomplished so much, gained so much knowledge & new skills, even learned to control fear. Now though there’s an even bigger list of places, people & things I want to explore. I intend to make this happen & just like when i surf, I’m going to ride this wave for as long as possible.

So I guess our message is just ‘Go for Milk’ who knows how long you will be & what you’ll bring back!


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